Nicky Whitehead Homeopathy


Welcome to the web site of Nicky Whitehead, homeopath.

I am a registered homeopath, practicing in Ilkley, at Ilkley Complementary Therapies on Castle Hill, opposite Ilkley's Manor House.

Homeopathy is essentially an exploration of your health, and of the interaction between your physical symptoms, thoughts and emotions.

We are all different - we each have a story to tell and we can be deeply affected by our life experiences. Homeopathy recognises this, treating us as unique individuals, looking at what affects us, how we react and enabling us to increase our wellbeing, manage our health and become more at one with ourselves and the outside world.

Please feel free to browse this site, or contact me to arrange an appointment.

"You are good when you are one with yourself" - Kahlil Gibran