Nicky Whitehead Homeopathy

Homeopathy and disease

Causes of disease

The onset of disease can be triggered by the effect of a physical trauma, such as an accident, a bite or a bacterial infection.

It can also be triggered by the effect of an emotional trauma, such as fear, grief or shock.

In perfect health, the vital force would adapt to such things. The inability of the vital force to do so in some situations is a reflection of our individual susceptibility to disease.

Chronic disease

Chronic diseases often begin with small, often even unnoticed changes.

Their onset and progress is again a reflection of susceptibility.

Chronic disease can be triggered by the vital force attempting to adapt to a physical or emotional trauma , but either failing to do so, or failing to re-adapt once the trauma is over.


We are all different. We all react differently to different things.

The level of this susceptibility is affected by our genetic inheritance, the environment we live in, and by factors such as stress and tiredness.


Sometimes there are other factors either causing the disease or preventing its cure. These can be physical, emotional or a combination of both. For example, if you have an allergic reaction to animals, the pet cat can be a constant cause. Similarly, you may work long hours in stressful conditions, or live with unhappy relationships at home or at work, which can maintain a state of disharmony.

We may over or under eat, smoke or drink excessive amounts of alcohol, which may stand in the way of a return to health.

Often though, our lifestyle habits are themselves symptoms of our state of disharmony. As such, removing them would not restore harmony. There will be a right time to remove them, but the key to restoring health is often to understand the cause of our lifestyle habits.

As you move towards health, you will have less need for them and they will be easier to remove.


Homeopathy treats the total symptom picture for each individual. It considers what has caused disease, how you as an individual have reacted to that, what has contributed to your susceptibility, any obstacles to restoring a state of health, as well as any physical symptoms.

In this way, your symptom picture is matched with a homeopathic remedy picture - a remedy that would produce those symptoms in a healthy person - to enable your vital force to adapt and restore a state of health.

Suppression of symptoms

In every day life, we often suppress our symptoms. For example, we suppress feelings such as grief or anger. We suppress headaches with pain relief. We suppress skin problems with creams.

Whilst suppression can remove the signs and symptoms of disease, it is often the case that the vital force will express its disharmony in other ways, manifesting symptoms in deeper and more important organs of the body.