Nicky Whitehead Homeopathy

Homeopathy and conventional medicine

Homeopathy and conventional medicine do not have to be mutually exclusive. There are a number of reasons why you may like to consider homeopathy alongside the conventional treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Understanding your own health

Homeopathy is a philosophical approach to your health - it includes, but is about more than the prescription and taking of homeopathic remedies.

We are all different, and it can be both enlightening and empowering to explore and understand your health and how things affect you as an individual, helping you to see the bigger picture and move towards improving your well being. For example, this might involve exploring when and why ill health started in the first place, when and why it flares up, what makes it feel better or worse, and what are the specific elements of it that trouble you the most.

Medical diagnosis

A medical diagnosis from your doctor can be a good starting point for homeopathic treatment. It may be that, once you have a diagnosis, you want to consider the options available to you.

It is likely that a group of people with the same medical diagnosis will each experience things differently - physically, mentally and emotionally. Homeopathy may help you to understand your own unique and individual experience, and may also help in accepting a diagnosis.

Conventional medicine

It may be that:

  • You have had a medical diagnosis for some time and have been treated with conventional medicine. You may be experiencing side effects from medication, or wish to see if you can now reduce the amount of medication you require.
  • You are taking a number of different types of medication for a number of different ailments, and would be interested in looking at how those seemingly separate ailments are related to one another, and homeopathy may help you to do this.
  • You have tried conventional treatment, this does not seem to be working, and you would like to try a different approach.
  • Whilst you continue to feel unwell, there is no apparent medical diagnosis to explain what is wrong.

Homeopathic remedies

A consultation will typically involve the prescription of a homeopathic remedy, and a subsequent follow up to see how things are progressing. We can discuss our expectations of how things might progress, and you will be able to monitor any changes in your well - being over a period of time.

The remedy prescribed will reflect your individual experience of any medical condition, its aim being to stimulate your body's innate desire to heal itself.

If you are interested

For further information, or to make an appointment, please call me on 01943 817138. There is an answerphone if I am not available do please leave me your name and number and I will return your call as soon as I am able to do so. If you are interested, but feel you would like an informal chat about your own case before reaching a decision, please call me to arrange a mutually convenient time for a free 15 minute consultation.